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A couple weeks ago, I was let go from my position as a software trainer. Now I scour job sites, looking for work and frequent Craigslist's offerings. As you may know, Craigslist jobs vary from real, legitimate positions, to some that are obvious scams. Here's a fictitious example:

“Pay us to let you work! …We're very selective!”

Yesterday, I came across the following:

Date: 2010-02-18, 8:48AM PST
Reply to: [Edited]

Fast growing San Diego Internet and Technology Company is in the process of building an aggressive sales force to help us satisfy a huge demand for our product and to help us grow. We have a proven product that is incredibly easy to sell, something that all businesses must have.

We are looking for the best and the brightest individuals to join our sales team. First year minimum (on target) compensation is $86,000. Seasoned sales professionals and aggressive representatives are expected to make twice as much. Start making money the day after you are hired. In addition, our sales representatives will benefit from a multitude of other opportunities such as managerial positions inside our fast growing company and possible equity compensation.

About the job:

We are looking for Sales Representatives. Must be able to achieve assigned sales objectives, execute sales and marketing strategies designed to enhance our expanding business. This is a great opportunity for an energetic, motivated individual. The ideal candidate has prospecting call discipline, great work ethic, presentation skills, tenacity, persistence, and eagerness to learn.

Don’t forget. Hard working people who are lucky enough to join our team will benefit not only from outstanding commission structure but also from unparalleled opportunities and corporate advancement possibilities that our fun, aggressive and fast growing organization offers.

Send us your resume and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.

What caught my attention was this line, “We have a proven product… something that all businesses must have.” Sounds pretty good, right? If all businesses must have it, then there shouldn't be a problem selling if you dial enough phones. Against my better judgment, I replied.

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