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Do You Have Adblock Installed on an OpenWRT / FriendlyWrt Router and Android Devices Can’t Connect To The Internet?

Do you have Adblock installed on an OpenWRT/FriendlyWrt router and, after adding a few anti-tracking lists, suddenly Android devices can't connect to the internet?

Luckily the fix is pretty straightforward:

  1. Log into your OpenWrt/FriendlyWrt router.
  2. At the top of the screen navigate to Services > AdBlock (our wherever it's installed on your version).
  3. Click the Edit Whitelist tab at the top of the AdBlock page.
  4. Add

    to the list then click the Save button.

  5. Click the Overview tab at the top to navigate back to the main AdBlock window, the click the reload button to, you know, reload AdBlock.
  6. On your Android device go to the WiFi settings page and disconnect from your Wifi then reconnect.
  7. This time the Android device should join your WiFi and not complain that it doesn't have an internet connection which means it worked!

I hope this helps someone else out there!