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A New, Sustainable WooThemes

The Announcement Woothemes announced today that it will significantly change the way it licenses and supports its products. Which is a good thing. Their original business model was unsustainable, as are all WordPress-based businesses with lifetime support and updates models. Formidable, I love you so, but for your own sake I hope you see the… Continue Reading

So You Say You Know Social Media, eh?

I am so, so, so, so, so sick of everyone and their goddamn grandmother (literally, I’ve seen a grandmother) adopt Social Media as a skill on LinkedIn. Fuck you. No seriously, fuck you. You don’t. What you know is how to log in, like stuff, post photos, and trade messages. Congratulations. You likely have no… Continue Reading

New TLD’s Are Coming – Are You Ready?

Top Level Domains or TLD’s are best known by their extensions. You likely are already familiar with .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov., .biz, .cc, and maybe even .co. But are you prepared to start typing,, or Me neither. You may not be aware of this but ICANN is set to release a… Continue Reading

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Static Subdomains With WordPress Multisite Wildcard Subdomains

Best of Both Worlds: Static Subdomains With WordPress Multisite Wildcard Subdomains Scenario: Let’s say you have a few existing non-WordPress sites that are hosted in subdomains alongside a WordPress site hosted on the root. Not an entirely alien scenario, I have a couple domains with a similar setup. In my case the subdomains house utility software… Continue Reading