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Let’s Hope Do Does A Post Mortem

I received an email today that took me by surprise:


It's Time to Say Goodbye

Here at Do, our customers have been the driving force behind our mission to change the way people work together. While the last two years have been an incredible journey, we’ve made the tough decision to discontinue the Do service on January 31, 2014.

Many of you rely on Do, and we know you’ll want another option for managing your projects. We’re working on an export tool, so you’ll be able to save your data and use it as you like. The tool will be ready by November 15th and we’ll update Do with instructions at that time. All of the details for what comes next are in our FAQ.

Thank you for using Do. We’re here to answer any questions that you might have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at


The Do Team

Here is my reply back to the Do Team:


If my experience is indicative of the general user's experience, I admit I forgot about you. I logged in once, played around, and never changed any habits to make you part of my life. Which is what's needed for a new service to gain traction: to carve out a place in my day. I wish you and your team well and hope that someone from the Do team will write a post mortem so other tech companies can learn from your mistakes. They are invaluable lessons and teachings that can only be realized one way.

Best Regards,

Ansel Taft

I hope for the tech community's sake we do hear from the founders and learn how things went astray.

Update: It's looks like Do's back in the game!

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