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How To Choose A Hosting Provider (In 6 Easy Steps)

I read an article today of all the factors to consider when selecting a hosting provider. They asked readers to consider 19 dimensions when making their decision. Yikes! Who would weigh that many considerations, especially when hosting is relatively commoditized? In response, I’ve put together my own easy six steps to use when selecting a… Continue Reading

WordPress is Missing an Obvious Revenue Stream

Talking with a friend the other day, a simple idea hit me like a lightning bolt: WordPress (Automattic) has completely missed the boat on an obvious revenue stream. Why doesn’t have a ThemeForest/CodeCanyon-style marketplace? Apple has the App Store, Android has the Marketplace. Why doesn’t WordPress have the Last Word? The Word? The SolutionPress?… Continue Reading

Custom Layouts for WordPress Themes

Have you ever wanted a homepage that looked different than your blog page? Or have you ever installed a theme that had different page templates for the homepage, gallery pages, contact form and blog post? I sure have. For months I wondered how I could do it for my own themes. Well, the answer turns… Continue Reading

Background: Super Yachts Inc is the leader in mega yachts buying, selling, construction and conversion. was an HTML to WordPress site conversion. To bring the design up a notch, I added a full width, seamlessly repeating ocean image and floated the super yacht and logo on the background. The site now displays well on… Continue Reading

Background: was an experimental site to showcase a real-time webcam feed from a frog tank in our living room. It all started when my wife, an elementary school teacher, received two African dwarf frogs from a student during Teacher Appreciation Week. One day, while watching the active juvenile frogs, I thought, “we should broadcast… Continue Reading