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So You Say You Know Social Media, eh?

I am so, so, so, so, so sick of everyone and their goddamn grandmother (literally, I've seen a grandmother) adopt Social Media as a skill on LinkedIn. Fuck you. No seriously, fuck you. You don't. What you know is how to log in, like stuff, post photos, and trade messages. Congratulations.

You likely have no idea how to set up a page, set up a community, why you would do one or the other, how to leverage your insights, how to target users, how to write compelling content, how to get users to share your content, how often to post, what to post, how to sponsor a post, how to create an ad, how to nail down your demographics so you don't pay Facebook exorbitant fees, or how to retool your ads when they aren't performing well.

You might have a twitter account and you more than likely aren't on G+, or know what it is. But you know social media right? Sure you do.

You're an insult to everyone that actually knows social media and I'm tired of it. Stop it.

Feel free to point anyone who needs a gentle reminder to this page.

Update: BuzzFeed totally gets it. Here's an awesome post on adding skill endorsement bombs on LinkedIn.