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Let’s Hope Do Does A Post Mortem

I received an email today that took me by surprise: It’s Time to Say Goodbye Here at Do, our customers have been the driving force behind our mission to change the way people work together. While the last two years have been an incredible journey, we’ve made the tough decision to discontinue the Do service… Continue Reading

A New, Sustainable WooThemes

The Announcement Woothemes announced today that it will significantly change the way it licenses and supports its products. Which is a good thing. Their original business model was unsustainable, as are all WordPress-based businesses with lifetime support and updates models. Formidable, I love you so, but for your own sake I hope you see the… Continue Reading

Background: Super Yachts Inc is the leader in mega yachts buying, selling, construction and conversion. was an HTML to WordPress site conversion. To bring the design up a notch, I added a full width, seamlessly repeating ocean image and floated the super yacht and logo on the background. The site now displays well on… Continue Reading

Background: was an experimental site to showcase a real-time webcam feed from a frog tank in our living room. It all started when my wife, an elementary school teacher, received two African dwarf frogs from a student during Teacher Appreciation Week. One day, while watching the active juvenile frogs, I thought, “we should broadcast… Continue Reading