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Background: Super Yachts Inc is the leader in mega yachts buying, selling, construction and conversion. was an HTML to WordPress site conversion. To bring the design up a notch, I added a full width, seamlessly repeating ocean image and floated the super yacht and logo on the background. The site now displays well on… Continue Reading

Background: was an experimental site to showcase a real-time webcam feed from a frog tank in our living room. It all started when my wife, an elementary school teacher, received two African dwarf frogs from a student during Teacher Appreciation Week. One day, while watching the active juvenile frogs, I thought, “we should broadcast… Continue Reading

Background: is the leading hosted click to call solution. It was developed in 2007 using PHP and the smarty framework. I personally manage CallOnClick as a one-man team. As such, I have learned many lessons in business, e-commerce, and automation. Challenges: Running a custom PHP site, while knowing little about PHP and the smarty… Continue Reading