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Of Debt Ceiling Checks & Political Chicken

I am hating Congressional Republicans more and more.

This debt ceiling nonsense is just that: nonsense.


The problem is man-made. (By having a Debt Ceiling check in the first place)

It is artificial. (Why can't we just raise the ceiling again?)

Republicans have a long history of rubber stamping the debt ceiling increase. Same as the Dems. They chose this moment in time to make a stand. To save America for our grandchildren and their children, right?

But anyone can see this is not about the debt ceiling. It is about destabilizing the economy, prolonging the recovery, and in the process, destroying Obama's reelection chances. This game of ideology chicken is the sickest ploy I have ever seen, because they could derail the whole country's stability through payment defaults and interest rate increases.

Play it out in your head and you will see that the poor, seniors and everyone but the wealthiest Americans will be hurt the most (the richest will be harmed as well, but they have the resources to temper the fallout). When Obama categorized Republicans as hostage takers, he had it right. The GOP is holding the entire country's well being in their hands. Which is unfortunately tied to their small minds.

But here's the most egregious offense: any economist, even one who grabbed his degree from a ‘party school' can tell you that we need government spending to get us out of this recession. You may be aware that government spending ripples through the economy 10 times, in decreasing magnitudes. The morons on the Right would have you believe that government contraction will save us.

They're lying to you and they know it.

If they really were the party of business, they would keep government spending firing on all cylinders and contract it after we recover. So it's as plain as the frown on my face what they're up to. Destabilize the economy. Prolong the recovery. Defeat Obama. Hurt everyone but their true constituents (the top 1%), who will be the only sector who can afford campaign contributions at that point.

You a**holes are sinking America, in the most unamerican, treasonous manner I can fathom. Congratulations.

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